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Sakonnet Point Lighthouse

Sakonnet lighthouse

Little Compton, Rhode Island
Built in 1884


Entrance to Sakonnet River on Little Cormorant Rock, off Route 77.

Latitude: 41° 27' 12" N
Longitude: 71° 12' 12" W


Historic Stories:

Little Cormorant rock and a host of other small ledges would wreak havoc with mariners in foggy and stormy weather, as they were just above the water line, and would sometimes be submerged in some high tides. This caused a series of petitions, resulting in Sakonnet lighthouse to be established in 1884.

Keepers would have to brave violent storms over the years that would sweep up almost to the tower due to its low location on the rock. Sakonnet light before current restoration

The lighthouse tower has survived the great hurricane of September 1938 and Hurricane Carol in 1954, although the base became cracked. Major repairs had to be done after hurricane Carol, but the Coast Guard wanted to blow it up instead. The people of the area petitioned the Coast Guard to keep it, and the Coast Guard gave the town of Little Compton ownership to maintain it and not to relight the lantern.

The lighthouse was sold in 1961, and the owner donated it to the Friends of Sakonnet Point Lighthouse in 1985. After acquiring enough funds, the lighthouse was restored and relit in 1997. Recently is has been repainted.



Places to Visit Nearby:

The ride down to Sakonnet is very scenic with country roads and attractive historic 19th century architecture along the way.

stone wall decorated with blooming flowers Stone walls line the route on the way to this quiet rural community.

In Little Compton, a small seaside village on the bottom eastern shore of Rhode Island, visit Sakonnet Vineyards for local wine tasting and exploring.

The Wilbor House Museum contains Colonial period furniture and artifacts. The barn features historic farm items, vehicles, and tools.

The beach areas offer nice ocean views if you can find a place to park in the summer season, off-season is best to enjoy the views and the lighthouse. beach at sakonnet

Sakonnet lighthouse tower as sun sets Sakonnet Point Lighthouse itself is located about a mile off shore from the beach.





Contact Info:

The Friends of Sakonnet Point Lighthouse, Inc.
P.O. Box 154
Little Compton, RI 02831


Local Boat Charters

Snappa Charters
Offers specific lighthouse tours around Narragansett Bay and to Block Island in addition to other adventure tours like sport fishing, whale watching, and shark tagging.

Mailing Address: 2 Congdon Dr., Wakefield, RI 02816
Boat Location: 33 State Street, Narragansett, RI 02882
Boat/Cell (401) 487-9044



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