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Herrick Cove Lighthouse
Lake Sunapee, NH

Herrick Cove Lighthouse

Sunapee, New Hampshire
Built in 1893


Located at the entrance to Herrick Cove, at the northern end of Lake Sunapee

Latitude: 43° 24' 40" N
Longitude: 72° 02' 30" W

Historic Stories:

With increasing tourism traffic on the Lake Sunapee steamboats, Herrick Cove Lighthouse, the oldest of the three Lake Sunapee lighthouses, was built in the 1890’s by the Woodsum Brothers, who were also steamboat owners in the area bringing tourists to the many resorts in the 19th century. The lighthouse, along with two others, was built in an effort by the Woodsum brothers to improve the safety of their steamboats along the lake.

When the “grand era” came to a close due to the economic collapse from the Great Depression, the lighthouse was left to the weather and deteriorated rapidly. Many years later, with renewed interest in the preservation of the lighthouse, the tower was rebuilt in 1960. 

In 1983, the lighthouse was damaged by ice from a fierce winter and was repaired from donations and public finds from the locals. Herrick Cove lighthouse tower

In September of 2003, the lighthouse’s foundation was in desperate need of repairs, so a helicopter was brought in to lift the lighthouse ashore temporally. The lighthouse weight was underestimated and the helicopter couldn’t fully get the lighthouse airborne, causing the tower to become briefly immersed in the lake before finally lifting it out to be put ashore until repairs on the foundation were completed and a solar light was installed. The tower did not suffer any significant damage from the water.



Places to Visit Nearby:

Sunapee Harbor is very rustic as if stuck in time. It has a quaint country store and a few specialty shops, artists' galleries, restaurants, and entertainment.

The Sunapee Riverwalk is a 1/2 mile scenic and historic trail along the Sugar River behind Marzelli's Cafe at Sunapee Harbor.

The Wild Goose Country Store provides a great view of the harbor and has Flander's Stage next to it where you can hear live music in the summer.

Lake Sunapee country store

The Lake Sunapee region is named for the spectacular lake and the mountain that rises from its southern shore. Nine miles long and three miles wide, Lake Sunapee’s rocky shore with its three working lighthouses also contains many private and public beaches, especially the public beach at Mt. Sunapee State Park. You can also hike some of the well-marked trails on Mt. Sunapee, which is also a favorite skiing spot in the winter.

Each August the State Park is the site for the nation's oldest crafts event, the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair.

longest covered bridge in New England

Cornish-Windsor Bridge
The Longest Bridge

The area surrounding Lake Sunapee contains some of the largest collections of covered bridges.

It involves the neighboring towns of Cornish, Newport, Meriden, Bradford, and Warner, including the longest covered bridge in Cornish.

You can also hike some of the well-marked trails on Mt. Sunapee, which is also a favorite skiing spot in the winter. Each August the State Park is the site for the nation's oldest crafts event, the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair.

Mt. Kearsage Indian Museum is an educational museum about Native American cultures and environmental responsibility.

Explore the 200-year-old Ruggles Mine in Grafton with its giant rock rooms and tunnels.

The gardens of The Fells /John Hay National Wildlife Refuge surround the historic colonial estate in Newbury.

The Old Fort at No. 4 is a living history museum in Charlestown to give visitors a glimpse of life on the frontier between New England and New France from 1740 to 1760.

Along with plenty of antique shops in the regions, the grand daddy of them all is the spacious Prospect Hill Antiques and Home Furnishings store in Georges Mills.



Directions to Sunapee Harbor:

All three lighthouses on Lake Sunapee are best viewed by boat.


Contact Info:

Lake Sunapee Protection Association
63 Main Street
PO Box 683
Sunapee NH 03782
Phone (603) 763-2210



M.V. Mt Sunapee boat for tours on lake Sunapee

Boat Tour on Lake Sunapee, NH


Sunapee Cruises
The M.V. Kearsarge, which includes dinner cruises, runs various tours that may go past the lighthouses. The M.V. Mt. Sunapee runs a lighthouse and nature tour every day in the summer.

Sunapee Harbor, Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire 03782
Phone (603) 763-4030




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