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Best Lighthouse Fall Foliage Lies in Boothbay Maine

Allan Wood | October 8, 2016 | COMMENTS:Comments Closed
Doubling Point Light, Boothbay, Maine

Doubling Point lighthouse guards ships coming around a very sharp corner along the Kennebec River.

A Rescue of the Senses

I’ve photographed all the nearly 170 lighthouses in New England, and in my opinion, I have found that for visitors who are looking for great fall foliage shots, Boothbay Harbor region in Maine offers the best opportunities. Many lighthouses are situated on rocky islands, and in somewhat open areas where trying to get photographic images with leaves turning into bright colors nearby can be difficult.

If you take boat tours out of Boothbay Harbor that go along the Kennebec River you’ll find opportunities for fall foliage pictures. Perkins Island Light, Squirrel Point Light, Doubling Point, and the Doubling Point Range lights are the premiere ones I’m talking about here.

For those who enjoy hiking, you can take a mile long walk in the woods to Squirrel Point light, For foliage of bushes nearby with golden and red leaves, and if you ask permission first, you can visit one of the Doubling Point lighthouses, the caretakers are very friendly and helpful. There are also some opportunities depending on your vantage point at Hendricks Head light in nearby Southport. Although there are other places to observe fall colors, this area provides a welcome opportunity to take pictures of multiple lighthouses with a colorful background. Also, in Boothbay, you’ll find plenty of maple, birch, poplar, ash, and oak trees along the shoreline for bright colors, and lots of little stores, cafes, and snack shacks to enjoy your New England fall experience. Check it out in mid-October up to the second week of November at times and maybe I’ll see you up there. It’s very relaxing and rustic and one of my favorite places (great places to eat too). Check out a snack stand called Betty’s Lunch just before Boothbay Center for great fried fish filets caught the same day!



Here are some tours to get you out there:

Cap’n Fish’s Whale Watch and Scenic Nature Cruises -Includes lighthouses along the Kennebec River and Boothbay Harbor.

River Run Tours -Chartered pontoon boat for lighthouse excursions.

Maine Maritime Museum _Frequent lighthouse tours along the Kennebec River and Boothbay Harbor.

Balmy Days Cruises -Offers special lighthouse cruises to Squirrel Island, Monhegan Island and a chance to tour Burnt Island Lighthouse and talk with the keeper.

Have a great autumn fall foliage season!

Allan Wood

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