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Book of New England Lighthouse Stories

Allan Wood | November 7, 2013 | COMMENTS:Comments Closed
Book of lighthouse stories

Front cover of lighthouse stories book

Welcome to our New England lighthouse stories blog!

Each month much of what will be written in this new blog will involve the many stories and events that have occurred over the years around New England’s lighthouses and along it’s dangerous coast.

For those of you who’d prefer to jump right in reading about many of these historic events, I’ve written a book that has been a great challenge and a lot of fun. I spent 3 years researching, writing, and photographing for the many stories I wanted to include in my book “New England Lighthouses: Famous Shipwrecks, Rescues, and Other Tales.”

The book has many detailed stories that not only include historical events and accounts of shipwrecks, rescues, and haunted lighthouses, while learning about the heroes (and some villains) in each, but also some stories of famous animal rescues, the story about the “Flying Santa(s)”, and many other special stories. There are famous events that occurred near lighthouses that became catalysts for the development of our current Coast Guard. You’ll also find a section of lighthouses considered haunted, but there are actual documented accounts of or actual events that have occurred near these lighthouses, that later led to specific sightings of paranormal activity.


New England Lighthouses

This is also a pictorial book of 160 images, with of a lot of my images, vintage images from the Coast Guard, historical societies, and historians, and I have paintings from 6 famous artists from the Coast Guard who wanted to help with this project. Check it out!

Interested? You can order the book below or from other pages on this lighthouse tourism website if you use PayPal and I’ll be happy to sign it and ship it out to you using US Postal Service. You’ll also find a detailed Table of Contents here to explore.

Click on the PayPal Buy Now button below to purchase from this page:

This book is also available from the publisher, Schiffer Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine book stores.

Enjoy and come visit us for many stories and events around New England lighthouses!

Allan Wood

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