New England Lighthouses:
Famous Shipwrecks, Rescues & Other Tales

New England Lighthouses: Shipwrecks, Rescues, and Other Tales

This book contains over 50 highly researched stories of famous events involving shipwrecks, and those heroes involved in many of these rescues, including keepers, keeper's wives, local townsfolk, ship captains and crew members, and even keeper's pets. You'll find a detailed list of stories in the book below, and there are aditional stories inside some of the main topics listed.

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Stories in the Book

Historic Introduction

New England Shipwrecks and Rescues

The Rescue of the Frozen Lovers
Abbie Burgess Becomes Maine’s Teenage Heroine
Miracle Baby Rescues
The Bohemian Wreck
Portland Head Light Shipwrecks and Generations of Service
The Most Daring Lighthouse Rescue
Rescue of the Keepers Daughter
Daring Rescue of Survivors and Between the Rescuers
Acting Lighthouse Keeper Becomes Local Hero
Vermont’s Intriguing Rescue Story
Keeper’s Wife Maintains Twin Lights For Days During Snowstorm
New England’s “Lighthouse Storm”
Two Miracles and Two Local Tragedies at Cape Cod
The Disaster Near Monomoy Light
Wampanoag Lifesavers and Cutter Dexter Saves 29
Ida Lewis Becomes Rhode Island’s Most Famous Keeper
Connecticut’s Most Experienced and Colorful Keeper
Famous Rescue Dogs of the Keepers
Lighthouse Keepers Rescued By Flying Santa(s)
Amusing Stories of One of the Last Surviving Lighthouse Keepers

New England Maritime Disasters That Pioneered Travel Safety

The Wreck of the Nottingham Galley
Fire on the Lexington With Only 4 Survivors
Larchmont Disaster and Controversy
The Perfect Storm and the Sinking of the Portland
First Coordinated Rescue Between Lifesaving Services and Locals
Lightships Become the Most Perilous Profession
Greatest Coordinated Sea Rescue of the Andrea Doria

New England's Famous Haunted Lighthouses

Ghosts of Suicidal Lobsterman and His Victim
The Ghost Ship Isadore
Lady Ghost in the Dark
Seguin Island Lighthouse’s Ghosts
Connecticut’s Noisy Ghost Light Keepers
Ghost Keepers Assisting Mariners
Block Island’s Female Ghost and Ghost Ship
First Female Keeper Visits
Keeper Stays on Duty With a Sense of Humor

Appendix A: Lighthouses Mentioned in Stories You Can View By Boat

Glossary of Some Mariner Terms

Selected Bibliography