New England Lighthouses Banner
 Penfiled Reef Light CT
 Bass Harbor ME LH28124BW
 Black Rock Harbor CT LH2106BW
 Maine's Nubble Lighthouse in snowstorm.
 Curtis Island Light in Maine
 Derby Wharf MA LH28206BW
 One of Maine's Doubling Point Range Lights
 File Mile Pt CT LH2366BW
 Pomham Roxks Light RI
 Great Captain Is CT LH29019BW
 Grindle Pt ME LH2079BW
 Middleground (Stratford Shoal) CT LH2105BW
 Middleground Light CT LH2104BW
 Moose Peak ME LH21020-2BW
 Maine's Moose Peak Light During Storm
 Nash Island Lighthouse in the Fog
 Little River Light ME LH2935BW
 Nubble ME LH29848BW
 Pemaquid Pt ME LH2638BW
 Rose Island RI LH2987BW
 White Island (Isles of Shoals) Light
 Portland Head Light ME LH2624BW
 Squirrel Pt Light ME LH2048BW-2